Key features

Benchmark what you want, how you want to

Measure what’s important

A dedicated project is configured specifically for each industry type or agency

Measure a little, or a lot

Your project can be set up to measure only one metric, or over a hundred KPIs

Pull in external data

External data that is unrelated to your project can be super-imposed on your reports

Measure in units

Quantify the shape and size of your overall market, as well as your share

Measure in your currency

Collate data, generate reports and switch between over 100 currencies in seconds

Measure in percent

Compare efficiencies and all types of KPIs relevant in your industry

Choose your frequency

You decide whether to enter your data daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly

Change intervals on the fly

Depending on your reporting frequency, view your reports by day, month, quarter or year

Change time range

Work with the FROM and TO settings to achieve endless combinations

Flexible reporting engine

Create your own reports

Create as many or as few reports as you require and arrange them in groups

Customise reports

Pre-set highly customised defaults on each report to save you time

Give access to reports

For situations where normal users are not able to create their own reports

Add commentary

For situations where the person creating the report isn’t the person viewing it

One-click export

Export to Excel or PDF with just one click, then view on screen or receive via e-mail

Change graph types

Because we know that not everyone likes to use the same graphs

Powerful user management

Multiple permission tiers

Each tier of users is highly customisable and defines the permissions in detail

Agency specific tools

Superusers with unrestricted access to all data and all users can be enabled

Unlimited user accounts

Now the CFO, Marketing Manager and the Administrator can all have unique access

Add your data the way you want to

Via an API data-connector

We can automate data entry if we can connect to your servers via an API

Upload an Excel file

Companies with larger quantities of regular data can use a standard Excel file

Enter your data manually

For simple projects with only one or a few metrics measured data can be entered manually

Custom data-entry rules

Fool-proof rules to prevent erroneous data from being added can be set up

Completeness threshold

You collectively decide how complete the data must be before it’s released

Completeness status

If enabled, this interface reveals who has submitted their data, and who hasn’t

Automatic reminders

Receive convenient reminders when your data becomes due at intervals that suit you

Completeness notification

Receive a notification each time data for a given interval becomes available

Change notification

Receive a notification each time the data for a given interval is updated

We’re fanatical about customer support!

Self-help knowledge base

Browse our detailed knowledge base for answers to the most common questions

Submit a ticket

We aim to respond to all support requests within 1 business day

Call us if you’re really stuck

We love talking with our clients! Call us with any questions, anytime.

About our platform

100% cloud based

We’re hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring fast access speeds around the world

Full touch support

PowerStats is built from the start to be used on touch-enabled tablets

Use your domain name

You can specify your own sub-domain for your project, or we can provide one for you

Sounds like a good fit? Please get in touch so we can learn about your needs