Data and Security

Where does the data come from?

  • You! The primary source of data is your company. After all, if we don’t know how you are performing, how can we benchmark you?
  • External sources. Additionally, we can provide correlation against external data sources – something that has an impact on your industry, but isn’t directly related to your company. For example, for farmers, average monthly rainfall / cost of fertiliser / milk solids pay-out could provide interesting insight. When looking at profits of financial institutions / lenders / brokers, perhaps the OCR or the performance of the domestic / overseas stock markets could be of interest. Financial ratio averages obtained from national statistical departments could supplement the averages generated through your own projects.

Is the data in PowerStats accurate?

  • The short answer is – we hope so! Our platform does not manually audit any data that is entered into the system, whether it’s your data or external data.
  • To do our best to promote data integrity, automatic data-check algorithms are set up in consultation with you at the beginning of each project and these prevent certain types of invalid data from being entered.
  • As such, while we do all we can to ensure the reports you view are accurate, PowerStats doesn’t guarantee the timeliness, completeness or accuracy of any reports generated by our platform. It’s up to the individual users to enter their data into our platform on time, in whole and truthfully.

Who owns my data? *

  • You do! Your own, confidential data that describes your business activity always belongs to you – and you are able to download it from PowerStats at any time, free of charge and with our help if required.
  • If you are an agency and we hold confidential data about your clients as part of our service to you, PowerStats does not own this data – it’s your responsibility to establish ownership.
  • Saying all of the above, PowerStats owns the aggregated, compiled, non-confidential data that can’t be used to identify any one of our clients or any one unique company.
  • * This description is not complete. For complete data ownership details, please request a copy of our General Terms of Use – we’ll happily email it to you.

How secure is PowerStats?

  • Bank-grade SSL protection provided by a market leading internet security provider.
  • Up to 256-bit encryption provides a secure browsing environment.
  • Minimum requirements for password strength mean weak passwords are not possible.
  • Fully encrypted passwords – even we don’t know what they are!
  • Service runs on non-indexed domains.
  • Automatic user lockout on multiple failed attempts.
  • Infrastructure security provided by the world-class Microsoft Azure platform.

We’re happy to answer any specific questions you may have around data and security…