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Chambers of Commerce are continiously looking for ways to prove their value to membership. In the current digital world, retention and growth is impossible without proven value. All the while, the traditional “business network” model is rapidly becoming less appealing to the younger generation, who are adept at making business connections using social networks.


Mission statements of many Chambers focus on supporting Members’ business performance – and this is often backed by educational / CPD programmes, on-line self-help evaluation tools and professional upskilling events such as conferences, workshops and seminars. But only a few Chambers provide real-time, commercial insight to their members that allows these businesses to benchmark themselves against “industry-best”.


Benchmarking uncovers gaps in your members’ internal processes – and your guidance in addressing these gaps would result in a direct increase in your members’ profits.


PowerStats provides a turn-key solution for Chambers of Commerce to add value to your membership by capturing and reporting back vital benchmarking insight to your members, in real-time, allowing them to make better business decisions. And all of this can be accomplished with minimal demand on your internal manpower.

Boost your representation capability with solid data


A Chamber of Commerce has to describe what it is. For this, you need statistics.


  • How many people are employed in your region?
  • What do they contribute to the economy?
  • Can you back up your lobbying agendas with solid data?
  • Can you defend the viability of local industry?
  • What data do you need to grow?
  • Can you quantify your contribution to local and central government?


Using PowerStats to gather statistics from your membership can provide solid answers to these and other questions, putting you in a stronger position when defending your members’ agendas.

We look forward to discussing your challenges and objectives…

PowerStats is an online benchmarking platform that generates competitive insight in real time.

We set up a dedicated project for each industry, thus measuring only what’s important to you.

This generated insight leads to better decisions, which lead to better business performance.


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