Benchmarking providers

Because you run a benchmarking agency, you have an excellent understanding of both your local industry as well as the international market. You have a strong following of industry leaders that subscribe to your regular reports or service, and you are a frequent speaker in high demand. An expert in your subject matter.


But don’t you wish you could spend less time on all the technical, manual work related to producing your statistical reports?


PowerStats can help you with this and free up valuable time to focus on value-adding insight generation and business development.


Our platform is used as a white-lable solution by a number of benchmarking agencies, who have successfully replaced their manual spread-sheet based benchmarking service with our semi-automated suite of tools.


Offer more functionality to your subscribers and save your time by switching to the PowerStats platform. This will allow you to grow your business faster by focussing your time on things that matter.

We look forward to discussing your challenges and objectives…

PowerStats is an online benchmarking platform that generates competitive insight in real time.

We set up a dedicated project for each industry, thus measuring only what’s important to you.

This generated insight leads to better decisions, which lead to better business performance.


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